Introducing Three New Classes for Fall

1) Wugong class on Mondays from 6:25pm to 7:25pm. This is in addition to Thursday night’s Wugong class.
Please note: 8 is the minimum age to take either Wugong class. Like the Thursday Wugong class, this class is also by instructor invitation. Students who take both Wugong classes will get a discount. In this class students will learn advanced Chinese dance technique. Wugong helps dancers with strength and flexibility and is fundamental to preparing the body for dance.

2)  Chinese Dance Class for Exercise will be on Monday nights from 7:30pm to 8:30pm. This is a new class for adults who want to learn Chinese dance but prefer not to perform on stage. Ah-lan will teach dance styles from different regions of China. Popular Chinese songs will be use to accompany the dances, so you can enjoy beautiful Chinese music while you dance.

3) Boys’ Dance class on Saturday afternoons from 4:00pm to 5:00pm for ages 6-10. This class will focus on Chinese dance techniques and Wugong and learn different styles of Chinese Dance.  This class will prepare for stage performances. Ah-lan and an assistant teacher will prepare the boys for a performance next June.

Learn About our other classes and class expectations on our classes page.

Looking for a summer class? Our Chinese dance classes are on break for the summer, but we still have summer ballet classes.

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