Our 2017 Gala Show Was a Great Success!


For this exciting Chinese New Year’s Gala performance, Ah-Lan Dance will present a full program of…

  • Chinese traditional dance
  • Ballet and modern dance, presented by Ah-Lan Dance’s students and teachers
  • An update of last year’s popular “Calligraphy” piece

This Gala performance will also feature a newly choreographed rendition of the Chinese tale of romance and dynastic politics “Princess Xiang Xiang.”



Princess Xiang Xiang is a true story from China’s Qing Dynasty. Our Gala rendition is based on a TV serial show called “Huan Zhu Gege” [“My Fair Princess”] which was popular in the late 1990s in China. It is a story about Princess Xiang Xiang, a noblewoman from Xinjiang, which today is a large region in the West of China. Princess Xiang Xiang was, according to legend, born with a very fragrant aroma about her person, such wherever she went, butterflies would follow her.



In the Chinese world, the Xinjiang region and its people are know as warmhearted and open, and by reputation in China are happy and given to singing and dancing. But in the 18th century the Qing Dynasty had ambitions for expansion on its Western borders, and so the Qing emperor Qianlong sent an army to invade Xinjiang.


Princess Xiang Xiang of Xinjiang, seeing the threat to her homeland, left her beloved betrothed to marry Qianlong in an attempt to come between the warring regions and to protect her homeland.


The Qianlong Emperor had many kind-hearted daughters, princesses called gege in the language of the court, who saw the sacrifice that Princess Xiang Xiang had made which landed her in the imperial capital with a man she did not love. The gege, sympathizing, helped Princess Xiang Xiang escape the Forbidden City and return home to Xinjiang.

We look forward to seeing you at the show!


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