Ah-Lan Dance 2022 Gala Show Tickets

Tickets for our dance drama “Princess Wen Cheng” are ready! Tickets are $25 each, but Ah-Lan Dance families will get a discounted rate of 10 tickets for $21 each and 5 tickets for $22 each. This is a big production and the first since our last dance drama “I’ll Fly” in 2019. Our dancers and teachers are working so hard to to get everyone and everything ready. Ballet, wugong and jazz pieces are also looking very nice! This is going to be a great show!!!

Please invite your friends, neighbors, classmates and teachers to the show! This is not only a year-end dance performance – this is also a wonderful display of Chinese culture and history. We have a very strong community and they do appreciate Ah-Lan Dance’s commitment to the arts and to Chinese culture. Please have them check out the dance drama story here.

We will perform our ballet, wugong and jazz dance pieces before the dance drama each day to warm up the stage. This time, Ah-Lan dance has also invited the outstanding and famous dance teacher Yaqi who to perform a dance pieces before the dance drama as well. Yaqi graduated both as an undergraduate and an M.A. from the Central Minorities University in Beijing, one of China’s top dance programs. Two months ago, Yaqi taught a few classes at Ah-Lan Dance which were well received by our students. To help you to decide which day to watch the performance, please check the program arrangements below:


Saturday ballet class

Wednesday wugong class

Teen wugong class

Jazz class

Teacher Yaqi solo performance

Dance Drama : “文成公主“


Sunday ballet class (5-8 Year olds)

Pre-teen ballet class

Teen ballet class

Pre-teen wugong class

Teacher Yaqi solo performance

Dance Drama : “文成公主“

Our dance drama will feature different performers in the main character roles on Saturday and Sunday.


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