A Pandemic Thank You!

Dear dancers, families and Ah-lan Dance audience,

It has been 13 years since Ah-lan Dance was established and 6 years since Ah-Lan Dance has had our own new studio. I sincerely thank all our dancers, families, our beloved teachers, and our audiences for your participation, support and donations.  During the past half year of this coronavirus quarantine period, Ah-Lan Dance, like many people and businesses, has experienced much hardship and loss.  And yet – with your help we have been able to remain engaged and keep dancing at home and online, against the odds.

We would particularly like to thank Dr. Kathy Fang (Kathy is a dermatologist in Albany), Xiaorong Wu, Andrew Duryea, Elisabeth Lamoureux, Wen Song, Irvin Muchnick, Kathy Doan, Alice Burton, Charlene Tung, Jean Cheng, Maggie Yuan, and Thomas Howell for their generous special donations.  We would like to thank our teachers Ally, An-An, Deborah, Kaiyi, Olga, and Yang Yang for their patient and excellent teaching. We also want to specially thank all our dancers for participating in online classes from their homes here in the Bay Area, across California, across the entire country and overseas for keeping Ah-Lan Dance going and active. We don’t know how long will this quarantine period will last. But, we do know how to stay safe and healthy: KEEP DANCING!

I would like to take this moment to specially thank my own student Ally Chiang, who has become a wonderful teacher during the pandemic.  Ally organized a special group of Ah-Lan Dance students, taught them Lyrical Jazz, and donated all the dance tuition to Ah-Lan Dance for the past Summer session and this Fall session.  The group of students who participated in this class and the donation group are:  An-An, Chloe, Emma, Evalena, Felicity, Grace, Isabella, Maggie, Sophia, Summer, Vienna…….thank you, all my younger dance students, for your support!

Miss you all and see you all at our next Gala in year 2021!



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