Thank You for an Amazing 2016 Gala Show!

Dear dancers and parents,

I am so thrilled – What a great show! With all of our teamwork and effort, everyone came together and we presented great shows yesterday and today! I know I am repeating myself, but what a great show!!!!

The audience was so happy and moved by the music, the perfect dance movements and beautiful costumes. They learned a lot of history and culture through you. This was a team effort and we do have such a strong community! I am so lucky to have all of you taking part in Ah-Lan Dance. I am really proud of you and I really, really appreciate your support!

I want to specially thank my male dancers, especially main characters who made many personal sacrifices and took on a heavy load for this show. All of your rehearsal time in the end made your performances very strong in the shows!

I want to say thank you to all the dancers, parents, and Room Moms: Without you the show could not have been so brilliant. I want to thank Christina Sun’s mom Mary Sun who helped with all the administrative work of tickets and preparing flowers. I would like to thank An-An Nagase’s mother Michele Ku, who helped a great deal with backstage tasks. I want to thank Kelly Ying’s father Simon Ying, who decorated the theater. I want to thank all of you parents for carrying on through this high-pressure performance time with big hearts and understanding. Most importantly, thank you for your trust, for letting me teach your daughter (or son!) dance and allowing me to instruct them in the discipline of performing with a group on stage for an audience. I know that with all these experiences of performing, your child will be more confident and beautiful!

I am very excited, and I know you are too. If you and your guest have comments about our show and positive word to share will all the dancers and parents, please write your comments here (in the web page click on “Jump to Comments”). It will make our dancers feel pride in the great things they have accomplished!



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4 responses to “Thank You for an Amazing 2016 Gala Show!

  1. Michael Day

    Ah Lan; such a lot of work pays off! I especially liked the section titled calligraphy, it added a new dimension to the overall work.
    Have you considered adding ballroom dance to any upcoming work?
    The stage is large enough for classic ballroom. It could be Latin or standard stylings. I know a few people how would be happy to perform in either of these genre’s: (myself for one). Thanks again, Michael D.

  2. Lucy X.

    Great show, great selection of the main actors! What can i say… Looking forward to another great year ahead and thanks for bringing the whole community together.

  3. Lucy X.

    Great show, great selection of the 4 main actors… Totally enjoyed and already looking forward to another great year ahead of us…

    Thanks for bringing the whole community together.

  4. Ah-Lan Dance

    Hi all – these are consolidated comments from many friends, some name and some anonymous, about our recent performance. The comments were originally posted on WeChat. We share them here…. Thanks again for a wonderful show!
    — Ah-Lan Dance

    The show tonight was great! Thank you so much for inviting me. It was such  a joy to see all your studio classes perform. The artistry and visuals were such a joy to witness! — Marjorie

    It was such a joy to attend the Gala performance this past weekend. Thank you so much for inviting the kids to participate for free, that was very generous. I thought the entire production was wonderful, and the piece that you choreographed was AMAZING!!  It was full of such imagination, and I was absolutely captured by it. A job well done by all, very professional, and I know how much work it takes to pull that off with so many students. You did a wonderful job. I’m still thinking about it, and the kids LOVED it too!!!! Thanks again for all that you do. You run a wonderful dance studio, and we’re very pleased to be a part of it. Nathaniel & Rebekah really enjoy the class, and they both LOVED the performance. Rebekah kept saying she hoped it would not end!! — Amy-Lynn Fischer

    A friend of mine comes to ahlan performance every year. However she has a baby this year so I didn’t invite her. She found out about this later and was very disappointed. For sure I will get her tickets next year. – Lisa Yang

    昨天陪女儿去看了她的同学明欣参演的Ah Lan 舞蹈学校的庆祝中国新年的表演。今年的表演非常出彩!剑舞灵动,书法舞飘逸,且服饰空灵优雅,《西游记》舞和剧结合生动有趣,没想到编舞,演出水平那么高[强] 尤其是很多熟悉的朋友演员,真正给力! 明欣的表演真有明星风范,让我们非常自豪。
    — MinXin’s Friend 

    — Carrie

    – GeZhi’s Friend

    下半场是西游记。铁扇公主, 蜘蛛精, 白骨精等一众妖精个个妩媚妖艳,风情万种。西人演得沙和尚最逗, 高高的鼻梁把假胡须顶的在空中飘扬。唐僧很逗, 巅覆了传统的稳重, 看着滑稽搞笑。曾经最喜欢的千手观音居然也能在民间表演了, 而且水平是那叫一个高!
    — Ellen Yu’s Friend

    Caligraphy Dance 先素色 ,后点彩,效果很好。超过張艺谋手法。
    — Lena Zhang

    — Weiping’s Friend

    阿岚老师太厉害了!是创造力和执行力都超强的奇女子![ThumbsUp][ThumbsUp][ThumbsUp] 爱S她了!我想我总有一天要来拜她为师的![而且她还是part time教舞。如果能全职办舞校,一定会有更大的局面!我非常赞同欣赏她的理念 — 真正的以舞蹈来传播文化
    – Lily Zhang

    最惊艳的就是卷珠帘水墨系列,舞蹈和音乐还有背景完美的结合在一起,形成了一个多维立体的空间,阿兰老师你在做的不仅仅是舞蹈艺术,更是一种新的艺术表达形式的创新,实在太棒了! 我还喜欢彩带舞,太自由绽放了,灵魂的舒展和愉悦被三个姑娘诠释的淋漓尽致! 谢谢你们带来这么多欢笑。人民群众的眼睛是雪亮的。也许他们看到又一台好戏。 喜欢Caligraphy 舞蹈很美,和一为! 出现经书箱那出最好!(玩笑) 都不错,集舞蹈,京剧等艺术形式为一体,巧妙串联,有故事性。 最喜欢还是水墨写意的舞蹈意境。 所有的节目!我还没看够,下次我还可以收票和看节目!我隆重推荐你真正的可以做大型节目的导演!的确太成功了!我真的没有看够。
    — Lucy and Jian Ming

    — 中美文化藝術協會的朋友

    这是一场绝无仅有的演出!这是一场艺术舞蹈的创新和实验!我,和现场的每一个观众都被舞者们自由和流动的生命呈现所震撼感动着! 音乐,舞台,灯光,背景画面,和舞者,完美的融合,让我们好像置身在宋代的竹林深处,水墨画的清新与宁静,太极的阴阳与平衡,被舞者用灵动的肢体,将中国传统文化的精髓,中正与和谐,精准完整的呈现。 感恩阿兰老师,让我们可以享受这场视觉盛宴,这种美无法用语言表达,只能用心感受,我想,每个人都可以是自己生命中的独一无二的舞者,让我们一起跟随自己内心的声音,一起舞蹈吧!这个世界会因为我们自由绽放美好的舞蹈,而更加美好,我相信,美是,最有力量的存在!阿兰老师,谢谢你传递和坚持的美!让我们可以醒觉和更美的前行!

    — Mary Sun

    — Ouyang

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