Congratulations to Two Ah-Lan Dance “Alumnae”

As many of you may know, Chaityn Issacson-Brewster and Alissa Elegant are two longtime Ah-Lan Dance community members, both as dancers and as teachers in our Studio.

Recently, Chaityn and Alissa took part in the International Chinese Dance Competition – Western US Regional Division Competition, and both came away with great distinction:

– Chaityn won overall Second Prize
– Alissa won a Special Award
Congratulations to both for their excellent performances!
Now both of them are heading off to a new chapter in their lives:  Chaityn is going to enter the Dance program at UC Irvine, on the nation’s best dance programs; and Alissa is going to China on a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship, with a special project to research and create a database of Chinese dance styles and techniques.
Wonderful news for both, and we wish them great success!

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