Congratulations and Thanks – Another Great Show!

I love all our performances but yesterday’s was even more special for me. I’ve been with Ah-Lan Dance since 2008 and it’s been wonderful to see the performances and dancers grow. When I first joined Ah-Lan Dance there were a few dancers who were just at the beginning of their studies of Chinese dance. Performances were wonderful, but we were a small studio, so Ah-Lan would invite outside groups to share the stage with us.

It’s amazing what we’ve all achieved in a few short years. The performances are full of Ah-Lan Dance pieces and the dancers have truly grown into their own. The dancers now get to show off: shen yun (Chinese dance technique), wugong (Chinese acrobatics), ballet, modern dance, and zumba!

Dance performances are by nature ephemeral. Years of technique classes and months of rehearsal have their one moment on stage. But dance performances also spin magic that stays with us in the days and weeks after the show. Each and every one was wonderful today, reaching new heights. If you felt something special as a performer or as an audience member join me in sharing you favorite moment, dance, or feeling below (using the comments function).





My Favorite Moment Was…

Dear An-Lan,
Yesterday’s An-Lan Studio recital at Albany High was outstanding and amazing performance. All the dancers were performing with well-trained and professional level. Their costumes and outfits looked perfect in their dance roles. And the young singer (I can’t remember her name) sang Chinese songs so beautiful that I felt she must be Song Zuying(宋祖英)。All the performance: shenyun, wugong, zumba, adult dance and etc. were so impressive that I couldn’t wait to watch next performance called MuLan as Tom introduced on the stage yesterday.
An-Lan, you have done such a good job. Thank you for your hard work and lots of new and creative ideas in yesterday’s recital and the future performance. You’re not just an excellent teacher but also a great artist who has brought us such fantastic Chinese music, dance and culture through all the dancers performing different kinds of art work.
Thank you again – Hong

Yesterday when I saw Rebecca’s smiling face in Shenyun, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I want to say that you must have magic power. Thank you very much. I like the 小背篓 “Bamboo Baby Backpack” best, especially the singer, Jasmine Yang. I am curious if dancers understand what the song means.
One thing I like about Ah-Lan dance is that my kids learn Chinese culture there with fun. Even my 3 year old knows the melody of 茉莉花 (a famous Chinese song “Jasmine Flowers”)! I bet Rebecca will remember you when she is 40 years old.
Bin Zhang


看了这次演出,我的感想是你真了不起! 我从心底里敬佩你!

Ge Xia

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