Thank You for Making the Gala a Success!

Dear All,

Picture from the dance drama

Chaityn Isaacson-Brewster and An Hoang as the Bride and Groom in a Yunnan Wedding

A big congratulations to all our dancers who worked so hard, and to our parents, who showed such support and brought the wonderful audiences for our shows!  I heard so many great compliments about our show.  The audience liked our dances, music, costumes, stories, and props.  Some of the audience traveled long distances from other cities to see our performance.  It is so overwhelming to hear so many “excellent,” “extraordinary,” “wonderful,” “spectacular”, “fantastic…”  These good words are for all of you!  Everyone contributed, and we succeeded!  A big thanks to everyone!

Please have a look at this article in the Albany Patch.

-Love Ah-Lan!

Audience, Performer, and Parent Comments

We welcome you to add your own thoughts in the comments section below.

Thank you for creating such a beautiful dance performance this year!   Everyone that I spoke to loved the entire show and in particular the Wedding dance drama.  It was a spectacular and beautiful show!  It was also wonderful to see the development of all your dancers and in particular your high school student dancers.  Their dance was so impressive and powerful!  Wow!  We always appreciate the range of choreography including the dances that challenged and showed the strengths of your dancers.  Thank you also for creating a warm and supportive dance community for all our children.  This is just one of the wonderful gifts you share as a teacher and as an artistic director.  Congratulations!
-Parents Michele Ku and Yuki Nagase

The Boy's Class Performing "Hats for Sale"

The Boy’s Class Performing “Hats for Sale”


– Polly, Attendee

Congratulations to you on the success of the show. Some of my guests came from a long way to watch the show and they were totally amazed by the size and the quality of the show. They can’t say enough good comments about the show. Joyce is inspired from other dancers and she said it’s so much fun to watch and perform. She asked to participate more performances in the future. She is very enthusiastic about dancing.
Thank you Ah-Lan for your amazing work! Joyce is absolutely fascinated by all the dances!
-Ge, Parent
Adult Class Performing "Embroidering"

Adult Class Performing “Embroidering”


昨天上座率也很高,观众反应热烈,特别是雨巷,人物美,景美,真是视觉的享受。放河灯祈福那段也是令人印象深刻,Ah lan老师的舞蹈编排真是巧妙!
-Sunny, Guest Performer
4-5 Year Old Class in a Dai Ethnicity Dance

4-5 Year Old Class in a Dai Ethnicity Dance

Parent, Mary Sun, wrote a poem of thanks:


Dear Ms. Ah-Lan Min,
I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your dance program yesterday.  It was spectacular!  I enjoyed seeing the different age groups and I thought that the insertion of the traditional Chinese fashions were absolutely beautiful.
Our friend, kathy Fang, was kind enough to give us some tickets.  I am looking forward to coming again next year.  Keep up your good work!
-Terry Plunkett, Attendee

We welcome you to add your own thoughts in the comments section below.



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4 responses to “Thank You for Making the Gala a Success!

  1. My 5 year old daughter has only been danicing with Ah-lan since September and this is our first experience being with a dance company. I had no idea this show would be so elegant, beautiful and moving! The love and hard work that went into this production was obvious while I watched the show. I was blown away and so were my friends. We are so proud that our daughter is part of such a top notch dance company. We’re looking forward to the future performances. Thank you to all the great teachers and dancers at Ah-Lan Dance for bringing our community together to celebrate the art and beauty of dance!

    Parents-Jennifer and Anthony Auzenne

  2. I cannot thank Ah-Lan enough for her role in shaping my daughter Camille into a unique and accomplished dancer. In addition to dance, Ah-Lan gave her the opportunity to assist in teaching and to create her own choreography. I think Ah-Lan cares a lot about her students. She is able to identify areas of strength of her students and to help each of them grow as a dancer and as an individual. I believe that her work is invaluable to our community.
    I have witnessed Ah-Lan’s extraordinary dedication to develop a strong dance community in this past year as we worked through the designing and constructing of the Arts Building. The construction project was enormously challenging with regards to the budget and the schedule as well as all the small to big decisions that had to be made in order to create the most suitable environment for the dance program. Through it all, Ah-Lan managed to keep her dance classes going and on top of all this, she was able to deliver on her promise of the November Gala Performance. Her doing all this is what I call “labor of love.”
    During the show, from time to time, I looked to my right and left and saw many happy faces, smiling and laughing. I could tell that the dances were delighting and connecting with the audience. It is heartwarming to see so many familiar faces on the stage. I would like to congratulate all the dancer for putting on such a beautiful and entertaining show.
    Susan Chuang

  3. Congratulations on another superb show. This may have been the best ever — which is saying a lot, given how fantastic all your shows have been. We enjoyed the show so much. We deeply appreciate all you have done and all the opportunities you have offered to all your dancers.

    You give such a gift to our children, the parents, and the wider East Bay community with your beautiful work. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

    With love,
    Bronwyn & Richard

  4. Anonymous

    wow really a staggering performance it was a smashing one

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