Guest Post by Parent Wendy F.

Picture of Wendy's Daughter Performing Xinjiang Dance

Wendy’s Daughter

I can’t say enough good things about Ah-Lan Dance. My daughter has participated in Ah-Lan’s program for two years. During this time, she has gained not only strength, grace and dance skills, but also pride in her abilities and a concrete understanding of how practice leads to growing skill—all while having fun and making friends.

Ah-Lan cares deeply about each of her students, and has a wonderful understanding of how to teach and motivate each child. The children do their best work out of love and respect for her.
Each year, the children learn and perform a Chinese dance that has been thoughtfully choreographed not just for their age group, but also for the specific abilities of each dancer. This enables all her students to excel. And gives them an unparalleled experience of the artistic process in action.
Whether or not my daughter chooses to use the Chinese dance and ballet skills she is acquiring now in later life (and with Ah-Lan’s training I think she could), I believe the benefits of participating in a program that encourages her best efforts in company with friends will help guide her through the ups and downs of adolescence and instill gifts that will last a lifetime.
-Wendy F. (parent)

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